Bonaire is a small island located in the southern Caribbean, known as a paradise. This amazing island is known for its stuning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Bonaire also has much to offer in terms of sports. In these blogs we give you tips and facts about the beautiful island!

5 things to do by night

In addition to the many activities and attractions that Bonaire has to offer during the day, it’s definitely also worth it to do something exciting in the evening as well. From a sporty to a quiet and romantic evening, everything is possible on this island!


Have you ever been amazed by the beautiful starry sky on Bonaire? No? Then this is something you have to see! This is best seen when you are in an environment with as little light as possible. Turn off all the lights at home or drive to a beach like Pink Beach and be surprised by the falling stars!

Latin night at Cuba

Do you like Latin music and dancing? Or do you just love the atmosphere? Every Thursday night is Latin night at Cuba Company. Come along and show your moves on the dance floor. Don’t you like to dance? You can also enjoy a drink outside on the terrace!

Night diving

Do you already have your PADI and want to try something different besides diving during the day? Then go night diving with a guide and get to know the underwater world in a new way! Especially the days after full moon it is extra beautiful to dive. Ostracods, very small animals, all give light, it’s really a light show! If you do not have a PADI, you could snorkel as well. Are you still looking for a qualified guide? We recommend VIP Diving!

Sunset at Karel’s Beach Bar

A wonderful day at the beach should of course be ended with the most beautiful moment of the day: the sunset. And where better to do this than on the boulevard of Kralendijk at Karel’s Beach Bar. With a view of the moored sailing boats and the Caribbean Ocean, you can enjoy a cocktail or dinner while the sun sets.

Melisa Sunset Sailing

While enjoying a delicious six-course dinner with matching wines, you will sail with Melisa Sailing along the beautiful coast of Bonaire. Enjoy the Caribbean blue water, the sun and the amazing view. Dinner will be prepared for you during the sunset, it doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

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